Comment Helper for Google Docs Beta

So here's the plan...

In short: bring something useful to a screen near you.

Update September 2022: In mid-July, I put this project on ice to focus on a couple of new and more timely projects:,, and I still intend to complete the roadmap below, but with everything delayed by roughly 2 months.

June 2022: July: August: Autumn 2022: Winter 2022:

See the project sheet for my current list of known issues and feature ideas.

I need your help! Please try the extension, send me your feedback, and share the extension to people who might like it.

Appendix 1. Wildly optimistic Fermi estimates

This project has two main aims:

  1. Speed up people doing valuable work in the effective altruism community, and beyond.
  2. Help me buy a house and start a family.

The upfront costs of this project will be $20-40K. By the end of 2022, I hope it'll be saving $10-$100K of people's valuable time every month.

To do this, I need 10-100 users whose time is worth $200 / hour, each saving 4 hours / month.

I hope Comment Helper will also be supporting valuable discussions that wouldn't happen otherwise. It's amazing how much things can change when you make it much easier to do a thing.