Comment Helper for Google Docs Beta

What's it going to cost?

To keep using Comment Helper, please select your plan:

Single user: $10 / month
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Team: $100 / month for up to 15 seats
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Organisation: $300 / month for up to 30 seats
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Custom: Want a single invoice for 2-10 seats? Or a quote for >30 seats?
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Is it worth it?

The extension will help you make better contributions to the discussion, and stop missing important comments from your collaborators. It will also save you a bunch of time.

Here's a back of the envelope calculation for time saved:

Your employer may be willing to pay for this. If your colleagues would find this useful, buy a team plan.

Why isn't this cheaper?

Early on I want to attract users for whom the extension is worth buying at this price point. If I can't find early adopters who value it this much, I'll take this as a signal that this project isn't worth further input.

This software has large upfront costs (~$10K so far, perhaps $20-30K once I'm done adding features and refining in response to early user feedback). It also has moderate ongoing costs.

This is not a consumer product. It may actually be a very niche product that will be difficult to market and only attract a few dozen users (though I expect these will be people whose work I'm unusually keen to support).

The project also faces several risks, for example: (a) the Google Docs team make technical changes which break the software and make it impossible to fix or (b) the Google Docs team improve the native comment browsing features such that the software is redundant.

I expect the price will decrease for all users in the future. My current plan is to try a model where the monthly price for all users gradually decreases as the user base grows.

If you love the extension, but the current price point is too high for you, please tell me what you'd be willing to pay, and I'll let you know when the price comes down.

I will soon start offering free licences for people on low incomes—email me to get notified about that.

What improvements and new features might be coming soon?

See the project roadmap. Please get in touch to tell me what you want most!

Support, feedback & feature suggestions

Write to [email protected] or give me a call.